Election Results

District Advisory Board

       Ordained Minister – Chris Rogers

Layperson - Trish Cook

District Assembly Finance Committee

       Ex-officio:  Jeff Cook, Steve Malcolm,                                                          John M. Evans, Vanessa Betancourt

       Ministers:  Laura Gurney, Eric Larson,                                                        Stephanie Malcom, Becki Quimby,                                            Ben Wallace

       Laypersons:  Aimee Carlton, Trish Cook,                                                        Cheryl Dunning, Brandon Stultz,                                              Cindy Quinlan

District Board of Ministry

         John M. Evans, Tim George, Rick Gundberg,                          David Suitter

District Chaplaincy Coordinator

        Wally Staples

District Church Planting & Revitalization Committee

         Tim Hoyt, Laura Gurney, Kimberly Merrill,                               David Suitter

District Church Properties Board

           Minister – John F. Evans

           Layperson – Trish Cook, Shelly Kilmer

District Disaster Relief Director

           Wally Staples

District Family Camp Board

           Minister – Allen Hamlin

           Layperson – Danae Turner


Trustee to Eastern Nazarene College

          John M. Evans