"First Love" ~ Dr. Busic;  Friday evening 5/17/19

"More Peaches" ~ Dr. Busic; Saturday morning 5/18/19 

"Keep Climbing" ~ Dr. Dilman; Saturday morning 5/18/19

"Grace" ~ Dr. Busic; Saturday afternoon 5/18/19

District Advisory Board – (Term to Expire 2022)

           Ordained Minister – Veronica Gonsior

           Layperson – Katya Rogers


District Court of Appeals – (Term to Expire 2021)

           Ordained Minister – John F. Evans


District Board of Ministry – Ordained Minister (Term to Expire 2023)

           Vanessa Betancourt

           Peter Carter

           John F. Evans

           Veronica Gonsior


District Family Camp Board – (Term to Expire 2022)

           Minister – Joe Donahue

           Layperson – Caroline Evans


District Board of Church Properties (Term to Expire 2021)

           Minister – Jeff Richards

           Layperson – Ron Cook


Trustee to Eastern Nazarene College (Term to Expire 2022)

           Layperson – Jeff Cook



Elections by Acclamation (Term to Expire 2020)


District Assembly Finance Committee: Ministers: Peter Carter, Cheryl Curlew,            Tim George, Art Magnuson, Stephanie Malcolm, Bob McLaughlin, Becki Quimby,          Kim Richardson, Ben Wallace; Laypersons: Mark Beaulieu, Merrill Briggs, Aimee Carlton, Trish Cook, Karen Hale, Roger Overlock, Brandon Stultz


District Church Planting and Revitalization Committee: Ministers: Laura Gurney, Steve Gurney, Tim Hoyt, Debbie Killam, Stephanie Malcolm, Steve Malcolm, David Smith