Maine District Superintendent Search Info

District Superintendent Search Process Update 3/2/22

The District Advisory Committee met Tuesday and narrowed the list of a prospective District superintendent down to 3 names. The 3 candidates will be interviewed by the District Advisory Committee at the end of March. Please pray every day at 3:15 p.m. and every Monday at 8:30 p.m. on Zoom and every opportunity you can grab with your congregation. Please ask God to give the DAC wisdom to ask the right questions during the interviews and for the candidates to answer the questions in a way that the DAC has a clear picture of who will serve the Maine District the best to grow the Kingdom. Thank you for your prayers!



Katya Rogers,

District Advisory Board Secretary 


Below, you will find the Profiles for the Maine District and for the new District Superintendent.  These were created by the DAC with much prayer and your surveys. After reading the profiles and prayer, click on the link provided below to nominate an individual for the District Superintendent position. There will be no paper option, so if you know someone who is not computer savvy, please help them to access this link to be able to nominate. The deadline for submitting nominations is 12/16/2021. Nominations will not be accepted after that date. 

Thank you for participating in this very important process!