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            Thank you!!

First Light South Portland!!!  Church Staff & Family for hosting our 2023 District Assembly!!

Rev. Ajay & Rev. Julie Vyas- Chick-Fil-A lunches, access/amenities of the church grounds
L,L&K Vyas Printing- (Liberty, Lexie, Kassady)-the D.A. Delegates Handbook- printed/bound!

Rev. T.J. Torgerson- creation of all PowerPoint Presentations, Videos (Cundy's Harbor- Rev. Veronica Gonsior), Music Slides,-Caleb Torgerson & Chris Gawron- videographers
Carl Helstrom, Finney Irashitsa, & Bonnie Butt- Sound Techs

Chris & Kelly Miner- Child Care Coordinators

everyone who helped prepare, clean-up, & ensure all who attended were cared for- THANK YOU!!!!


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