Upcoming Missionary Deputations:

Deputation Services with Dr. Rodney and Sarah Reed - June 30th - July 3, 2019 missionaries from the African Nazarene University will be in Maine for services. Dr. Rodney is a director at the school and Sarah is Children’s Ministry Coordinator for the East African field.


June 30th a.m. worship - Wells Church (544 Post Road, Wells, Maine)

June 30th p.m. worship - Skowhegan Church – New Horizons (3 Skowhegan, Maine)

July 1 – Auburn Church (38 Summer Street, Auburn, Maine) at 6:00 p.m. service with refreshments to follow.  

July 2 – p.m. service - Bowdoinham Church – (Corner of Main Street and School Street, Bowdoinham, Maine

July 3rd – Augusta Church (30 Nazarene Drive, Augusta) – 5:30 p.m. Potluck Meal and 6:30 p.m. Service       


Available July 1 -3, 2019 please email Kathy Mason at cnkmason@megalink.net  if your church would consider hosting. 

Deputation for Rev. David and Naomi Phillips

June 17-24th, 2020. David and Naomi Phillips are from the South East Asia Field. They were in Maine several years ago and this is their final year of deputation. If you would like to schedule David and Naomi for a deputation service for your church, please contact Kathy Mason at: cnkmason@megalink.net

June 21 – a.m. service – Augusta Church