Week of June 6th, 2021


In the News This Week:


  • Final Weekly Announcements by Glenda (new)

  • Rev. Clarence Hildreth (new) (attachment)

  • District Calendar and Website (new)

  • Free Books (new)

  • Ordination Service and District Assembly – Livestream

  • Teachers Needed at Korea Nazarene University

  • Strength Advisor 201

  • Meet N Eat – Motorcycle Ride

  • Teen Camp  (Registration) (Flyer)

  • Children’s Camp (Registration)

  • District Ladies Day

  • SDMI Convention


Final Weekly Announcements by Glenda

I am officially retiring (along with Steve) and I will no longer be sending out the weekly announcements. I will pass names and email addresses on to the new office manager and hopefully, the new weekly announcements will be arriving in your email boxes soon. I have enjoyed working in the office and keeping you informed about the happenings on the district and in the local churches. mainenazoffice@gmail.com will continue to be the email address that you send announcements to.

Rev. Clarence Hildreth,

former District Superintendent for the Maine District (1989-1997) joined the Church Triumphant on May 26th. Rev. Hildreth claimed his heavenly reward after suffering complications from the dementia which afflicted him. See the attached letter of condolence sent to Mrs. Judy Hildreth and family from General Superintendent, Dr. Eugenio Duarte. Please keep the Hildreth family in your prayers.

District Calendar and District Website - All District Website and Calendar item requests should be sent to mainenazarene@gmail.com  This is the email address that used to manage the District webpage and calendar…having all requests coming through this email rather than the Augusta office email helps keep requests organized.


Free Books

After co-managing a bookstore for 30 years and being an avid book lover - I have accumulated an incredibly large collection of Christ centered books - including many Nazarene Publisher titles and popular contemporary author titles (Swindoll, Lucado, Maxwell, etc...). I also have a few boxes of old classics and bibles. I would LOVE to donate these for a church library or even a Christian Bookstore (Know of any in Maine?). If interested, please contact me at kherrick.kh@gmail.com or 207-807-5699. P.S. I am willing to travel to deliver or meet you! Kerry Herrick


Ordination Service and District Assembly

If you would like to view the Ordination Service or District assembly videos, here are the links. Thank you to TJ Torgerson and the South Portland Church for making these videos possible.


Ordination: https://youtu.be/2BbBJE-OJFA

District Assembly Morning Session: https://youtu.be/rQnF3o5OYOQ

District Assembly Afternoon Session: https://youtu.be/jDWrKGR3MU8



Teachers Needed at Korea Nazarene University  

(KNU) has been appointed by Cheonan City to recruit English teachers who team-teach with the Korean teachers at elementary, middle schools and high schools in Cheonan. KNU is an accredited private University. KNU is looking for teachers to teach at the various schools in Cheonan City. See the attached flyer for more information.

Strength Advisor 201

Save the Date: The Board of Ministry will be hosting Strengths Advisor 201 training on June 25th. More information to follow. The Strengths Advisor 201 course equips advisors to work with one-on-one with others to help them understand their God-given strengths and apply what they “do best” in their life and in ministry. As a result of this training, participants are equipped with skills designed to help others understand and express their unique ministry within their congregation or faith community.

Registration for the Strengths 201 class is now open. Please follow the link below to register for the course which will be held on Friday, June 24th (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) and Saturday, June 25th (8:00 a.m. - noon) at South Portland First Light Church of the Nazarene  (525 Highland Avenue, South Portland). A light breakfast and lunch will be provided on Friday as well as a light breakfast on Saturday. Please contact Rev. Ajay Vyas at 207-767-2127 or 410-615-0082 or avyas4jesus@gmail.com for more information.



Meet N Eat Motorcycle Ride  

June 25,2022. Place: Red Barn, 455 Riverside Drive, Augusta, Maine. Time to arrive; Around 1:00 PM. Contact person via e-mail or text or Face-book/Messenger; Mike Jones, e-mail, burnermanmj@hotmail.com. text or call cell, 207-432-0956. No rain date yet, if any. Summer is busy for all. 

Teen Camp

Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing the dates for 2022 Maine NYI Teen Camp: July 17-21 at Camp Kerith (formally Camp Berea). Teen camp is for students entering grades 6-12 in the Fall of 2022. The cost will be $225 if registered with a $50 non-refundable deposit by June 23, after that the price increases to $250. The cutoff date for registration is July 4th. We are currently looking for adults who are interested in helping with Teen Camp. Please e-mail our director Stephanie Malcolm at preciousjewel77@hotmail.com and include your name, church, interests (activities, spiritual life, etc.), your experience working with teens, and how your spiritual life is going. We are excited to see you all this summer!  (Registration) (Flyer)

Children’s Camp

Monday, August 15th – Friday, August 19th at China Lake. The Fox Family from Nashville, Tennessee will be the Evangelists.


We have started receiving registrations for Children's Camp this summer. We're listening to parents and recognize that due to the pandemic many children have never spent a night away from home or only with family members. We want to have an opportunity for all children to come and have a great camp experience, meet friends and get to know Jesus in a brand-new way. For this reason, we are offering a Day Camper option - parents (or churches) must provide transportation for this option. Children can come for breakfast and leave before bedtime. The cost for this option is $125 (regardless of days they attend).

I know this option has been a game-changer for some families already who have registered their children! We are still having our overnight option; this is simply in addition to recognizing the challenges our children (and their families) have experienced through this challenging season.

We are still looking for counselors - come be part of what God has planned at Children's Camp this year!


 A week of fun is planned with crafts, swimming, woodworking, archery, science experiments, bonfires, and lots more. Counselors are needed, so join your child in the week of fun. If you have any questions, please contact the Camp Director, Rev. Kimberly Merrill at 207-449-0330 or yankeebelle85@yahoo.com or SDMI Chair, Rev. Vanessa Betancourt at 207-607-6680 or revbetancourt@gmail.com


See the attached application.


District Ladies Day

Saturday, September 17th – 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Gardiner Church. A great day of worship, fellowship, and growing together. Plan now to attend and start inviting others. More information to come. Coordinator: Rev. Vanessa Betancourt – revbetancourt@gmail.com


SDMI Convention

Sunday School Discipleship Ministries International – Saturday, October 1, 2022, at the Gardiner Church (6 Nazarene Way, Gardiner, ME). More details to come soon.

Contact Information: 

District Superintendent E-Mail Address: mainenazds@gmail.com;  District Office E-Mail Address: mainenazoffice@gmail.com; District Website: www.mainenazarene.org; Website & Calendar Information to Kim Martin at E-Mail Address: mainenazarene@gmail.com.  Prayer Requests to Kathy Joyce at E-Mail Address: Kathy_joyce@yahoo.com.

District News and Prayer Requests

If you know of someone that would like to be included in the district news, please send their name, church name and e-mail address to the district office. We will gladly add them to the list. Also, please update the office if your E-Mail Address changes. (mainenazoffice@gmail.com)

Church Sponsored Events

Please send information for any special events that your church is sponsoring at least 3-4 weeks prior to the start date of the event if possible. We would love to put your events on the Weekly District News. Please make your announcement as brief as possible, and with the details that are needed including contact person and contact information.